Stacie and James Baby Shower was a Hoot!


Stacie and James’ Baby Shower was a Hoot!

Other than planning weddings, our 2nd favorite shindig to plan is a baby shower.  We recently had the joy of planning a baby shower for James and Stacie.  They had been feathering their nest for the arrival of their new baby boy and fell in love with owl-themed décor for the nursery.  So we went with it . . . planning the entire shower around nature-inspired themes while mindful to tuck in special appearances by their favorite owl in the design.  Isabella’s Garden at The Farm at South Mountain was the perfect place for family and friends to gather for this al fresco Jack and Jill shower. Surrounded by the blooming gardens and 100-year-old pecan trees guests enjoyed games, dined on the Farm’s fresh garden foods and sipped on lemonade with owl-adorned stirrers.  Nests filled with robin blue eggs, mismatched vases tucked with blooming wildflowers and fresh herbs embellished the feasting tables. Check out the pictures below to see more of this lovely, sweet affair!                                                                                                                                   

P.S.  We’ve included a picture of Baby Brody who was delivered just a few weeks ago.  We think he’s just perfect.     

~ Leslie

Bold Color Palettes…A Trend for 2011


Choosing a color palette for your special day can be quite tricky especially if you don’t know where to begin. The colors in which you chose will not only be incorporated in almost every aspect of your wedding (décor, invitations, flowers, linens, food, attire, etc.) but they will also play a huge part in setting the tone.
Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing your wedding colors. Consider the season, your ceremony and reception locations, colors you love, and colors that complement the theme of your wedding. The hottest new trend for 2011 is BOLD colors. Below are a few examples of how to use bold colors in your own wedding!

Marie Labbancz Photography
Keri Doolittle Photography
Keri Doolittle Photography

Diana M Lott Photography

Apertura Photography

~ Kaitlin

Rehearsal Dinner at Red Rock Resort’s Lanes


We recently planned a destination rehearsal dinner in Las Vegas that was a huge hit with our bride and groom and their family and friends. There could have been a formal dinner full of toasts, or a gathering at a popular Las Vegas show, but Kate & Company dreamed up an ‘out of the box’ concept for this fun-loving couple at the Red Rock Lanes – in a private suite at the most techno-bowling alley in the U.S.
We assisted with developing a 300-picture slide show that was displayed on four separate screens that spanned the entire rear wall of the four private lanes. The guest’s shoe sizes were collected in advance and the groom coordinated the teams. Upon arrival there were “wow’s” and “this is very cool” comments as the guests found their way through the hearty buffet and settled in the sleek and comfy lounge atmosphere with a drink from their private bartender.
Completely engaged in conversation and watching the slide show which, included every one of the guests present as well as couple shots, the guests realized that their shoes, socks, and team names were already coordinated with their lane as they began to get laced-up for a few hours of fun.
As the night continued, the slideshow turned to the couple’s favorite artists music videos to keep the hips swaying. All in all it was a non-traditional rehearsal dinner yet one that was just perfect for the couple with unique touches to make their memory of this evening extraordinary!

~ Kate

The Proposal


Since most of our blog entries are directed towards the ladies I thought I would try to include the men and discuss … the proposal! By the way its okay girls if you accidentally forward this to your man or leave it open on your laptop for him to see!
We are fully emerged into the jolly ’ol holiday season and with it comes many perfect moments to pop the one and only question, “Will you marry me?” So come on men – pull out your utterly romantic and incredibly creative side and sweep your bride-to-be off her feet with the best proposal ever! Needing some inspiration? Check out the video montage below then … Take advantage of the winter wonderland outside and pull out all the stops. There is nothing more romantic than sipping champagne by the crackling fire, drinking hot cocoa under the twinkling stars, or cozying up in a horse-drawn sleigh through heaps of glistening snow … Don’t forget the story of your engagement will be one told over and over again, so make it memorable and one that makes you look like a true Prince Charming!

Watch the proposal video below for a little inspiration…


~ Megan

Simply a White Wedding … A Trend for 2011


Customarily the American bride is the only one adorned in white … but as fashion has it this is no longer the case! An all-white wedding is today’s blossoming trend and makes the prettiest palette. The soft and innocent hues of white can be splashed about or can cover every facet of your special day. From the gratitudes (favors) to the flowers, to the linens and the cake, even your bridesmaids can be dressed in all white. White creates a clean, simple, and very chic look – and don’t forget it comes in many subtle hues.

Use shades of white such as old lace, vanilla, isabelline and beige to create a shabby chic vintage look or use shades such as eggshell, pearl, and magnolia to create a crisp modern look.

Play with accents such as ribbons, feathers, pearls and jewels, even props such as birds, white branches, balloons and vases full of random objects such as buttons or candies. When it comes to white your options really are endless…

~ Megan

It’s Your Wedding Make it What You Want!


I was traveling recently and found this great sign; a picture of it now sits on my desk.  It says, “We Create Our Tomorrows By What We Dream Today!”  My advice to all brides, and really women everywhere, is: the sky is your limit, dream big and create your own tomorrow – the way you want it. Your dream wedding might be an extravagant white tie affair or a small, intimate thrifty event; whichever it may be – go for it! Don’t forget it’s YOUR wedding and YOUR dreams should be the ones represented.  It’s okay to incorporate others’ ideas (that is, if you like them) but don’t sacrifice your vision for what others want.
I have to admit, I am addicted to TLC’s show “Say Yes to the Dress.” On almost every episode there is at least one bride that falls in love with her dream dress but chooses not to purchase it because the group of people she brought with her doesn’t like it, or something about it. It’s true that some input is important and at times it can be quite helpful but don’t lose site of what you want, otherwise you’ll end up unhappy on one of the most important days of your life!

~ Kristen