Meet The Team


Welcome to Kate and Company’s Blog!  What better way to introduce you to our talented team of personal planners than thru their entries and updates here. From new inspirations to traditional classics our team will keep you filled with creative ideas, expert tips and unique resources. I’ve come to appreciate all of them for their distinctive talents and “know-how” areas.  While all can plan a wedding or event from any point of view, I’ve encouraged their participation in the blogs to cover their favorite area of expertise. Kristen has a love for the Classics, while Leslie has a passion for Eco-Chic. Megan will keep you updated with on-the-ground trends in venues, style and décor and I’ll get you daydreaming of destinations to say your I Do’s. Please take a minute to read below and find out a bit more about each planner. Now let the blogging begin and we look forward to sharing our Kate and Company life with you! ~ Kate

A classic wedding will never go out of style. As a child I always imagined having a fairytale wedding, complete with the white ball gown, black tie attire, the intimate chapel overflowing with pastel roses and lilies, drifting down the aisle to Cannon, and cutting into a spectacular five-tier wedding cake with elegant white doves on top. In other words I dream of having a classic Cinderella wedding. That love for classics has continued to inspire me from fashion to music and movies, and into my love of weddings. As I have always said – why change it if it’s not broken?
Your Occasion Orchestrator ~ Kristen


My friends call me a “giddyup” girl…part granola and part yuppie. I credit this unique blend to my New England upbringing in Connecticut with a transplanted life in the Southwest among Arizona’s natural beauty. My love affair with the garden began with poking seeds into the ground at age 5. And, I’ve Martha Stewart to thank for showing me that a girl could combine all of her loves into one fabulous creative life centered around gardening, décor, and food. I admit I had a short detour as a marketing and advertising executive, but for the last 15 years I’ve been an organic lifestyle specialist and event planner bringing touches of the green-glam-vintage life to client’s weddings, parties, and events. I seek warmth in the details to bring family and friends together for the soul purpose of celebrating life. I’m thrilled that through this blog, I’ll be reporting back to you all with all things green, glam, indie, vintage, unique and out of the box. We’ll have fun coloring outside the lines and exploring how to make your day a reflection of you…after all it is your day to illuminate your idea of love!
Your Eco-Chic Gal ~ Leslie

I was recently looking through photos of my parent’s wedding (which unfortunately took place in the early 80’s) and all I could conjure was WHAT were my parents thinking! I asked my mom, “Did you really ever think this looked good?” Her response was, “Yes, of course I did, I was totally in style.” We live in a culture where one day a trend is “in” and the next day it’s “out.” As someone who loves to keep up with the latest and greatest trends in wedding style and décor, I want to give you a fresh look through my blog posts at how to create a contemporary wedding that will be eternally timeless. Hopefully I can stop you from making a similar wedding style faux pas as my mom. I say let bad style stay in the past and keep chic and sophisticated style in the present!
Your Trendsetter and What’s Hot Girl ~ Megan

Since I was in my early teens, lying on the grass in my upstate NY backyard looking at the contrails the jets made in the sky, I promised myself that one day I would be on those airplanes and explore the world. I craved culture, history and experiential adventures. At 14, I made my first European jaunt, and then back at 16 and by 17 (with a backpack and a dear brave friend), I navigated all of Europe and northern Africa. Although many years have passed, my sincere pleasure of travel and exploring has become a significant part of my work. Through my blog posts I will provide you with unique destination suggestions and incredible resources that will hopefully serve you while planning and producing your destination wedding or special event just about anywhere in the world!
Your Destination Diva ~ Kate