As a couple, my fiancé and I decided we wanted to have a super relaxing honeymoon. Nothing sounded better than sitting on the beach, drink in hand, with my HUSBAND by my side! I will be completely honest – I did not plan our honeymoon. Here’s why –

We wanted all aspects of our honeymoon to be relaxing so when we went to book our all-inclusive honeymoon at Sandals Negril we went through Kate & Company. Kate is a complete destination guru! My fiancé and I narrowed down that we wanted to go to Jamaica and Kate gave us all of our options. From there we looked at pictures and all the information and decided which resort we wanted to go to, we told Kate where and when we wanted to go and it was booked!

Just wait – it gets better! Kate even booked our airfare! We didn’t need to find time to sit and find the best flight and figure out connections or what the best way to do this was – it was just done. And Sandals will pick us up from the airport!

Here is a breakdown of everything we did to plan our honeymoon:

  1. Decided on a resort company and a county
  2. Picked a resort based on Kate’s suggestions
  3. Gave the dates we wanted to go and preferred flight times
  4. Picked tours and activities
  5. Got our passports
  6. Now we just needed to pack!

It was seriously that easy. I won’t lie, we did spend a lot of time researching which resort we wanted to go to and spent time drooling over all the menu options – but that’s the fun stuff, right? Kate took care of all the details for us and made sure we are set to go.

Even if I wasn’t a Kate & Company planner, I would recommend honeymoon planning to every bride! This is a small thing, but it really does let you focus on the fun and takes a few things off your pre-wedding to-do list.