I was traveling recently and found this great sign; a picture of it now sits on my desk.  It says, “We Create Our Tomorrows By What We Dream Today!”  My advice to all brides, and really women everywhere, is: the sky is your limit, dream big and create your own tomorrow – the way you want it. Your dream wedding might be an extravagant white tie affair or a small, intimate thrifty event; whichever it may be – go for it! Don’t forget it’s YOUR wedding and YOUR dreams should be the ones represented.  It’s okay to incorporate others’ ideas (that is, if you like them) but don’t sacrifice your vision for what others want.
I have to admit, I am addicted to TLC’s show “Say Yes to the Dress.” On almost every episode there is at least one bride that falls in love with her dream dress but chooses not to purchase it because the group of people she brought with her doesn’t like it, or something about it. It’s true that some input is important and at times it can be quite helpful but don’t lose site of what you want, otherwise you’ll end up unhappy on one of the most important days of your life!

~ Kristen