Desirae combines her creativity and organizational skills with her love for special events. Her hard working attitude and determination has helped her grow in her event planning career with Kate & Company. She is known to extensively research and find perfect locations and vendors that will cater to the client’s vision.

Her love for numbers and great deals helps keep her clients on or under budget. But she does think that there is always room to splurge on that one special item! Desirae also has a craving for personalized and heart felt touches to make an event that much more memorable. She has the ability to see the whole event come together no matter what little ideas you have to start off with.

Desirae spends her weekends working on DIY projects inspired by Pinterest and baking. If you can think it, she can create it! She loves to spend time outside hiking or reading a good book in the sunshine, traveling, and spending time with family and friends.


What is your current favorite wedding trend? 

I love the use of greenery and wood elements. I like bringing that natural, lush feel into any space – especially spaces with an industrial feel!

What is your best advice you would give a couple planning their wedding? 

As hard as it can be, don’t stress! This is a where a coordinator can really help you out. With a coordinator or not, you have to think “What would ruin this day?” and I mean really think about what would completely devastate you, then anything else that happens you can shake off.

What is your favorite part of weddings? 

When the bride walks down the aisle! I love to see the expressions on everyone’s faces. You can really feel the love and emotion in this moment.

What is your favorite/dream honeymoon destination?

I honeymooned at Sandals Negril and LOVED it! I think my favorite location would be any all-inclusive resort on the beach – you just can’t beat it. I would absolutely return to a Sandals again.

Favorite season for a wedding? 

Fall or Spring weddings are beautiful, especially in the desert – the weather is perfect.

What made you want to work in the wedding industry? 

There is just something so wonderful about helping someone’s dream day come together. To see the planning at different stages and then see the couple finally married, it’s the absolute best.  It really is love that draws you into this industry!

What is your favorite “wow factor” décor item? (i.e. lighting, florals, specialty linen, etc.)?

I think lighting can completely set the mood of a wedding and be very breathtaking (and many times – budget friendly). From bistro lights, to candles, to uplighting – it’s amazing how the mood of the event shines through.

What is your current favorite wedding color pallet?

Lately I’ve been really liking lighter colors with a dark accent color. There is something so dramatic, yet classic about that style.

Do you prefer a first look or the couple seeing one another for the first time at the ceremony?

First look. I love the traditional side of waiting until the aisle, but I really enjoy that intimate moment as well. Plus, as a bride that ugly-cried I was so emotional, I’m glad that moment was just between me and my hubby to-be.

Favorite bride in history? (i.e. Jackie Kennedy, Princess Diana, etc.) 

I’m a Jackie Kennedy fan. She was overall so classically beautiful and elegant. I caught myself Googling Kennedy wedding photos when I was planning my own big day!

Favorite flower?

Peonies! Our house has a peony plant and I’m totally obsessed.

Favorite wedding movie? Favorite movie? 

My favorite wedding movie has to be The Wedding Planner or The Proposal. The Proposal is one of my favorite movies in general too!

Favorite book?  

The Little Prince. I read it at least once a year – love it!

When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up? 

When I was little I really wanted to be a doctor (ER was my favorite TV show). I used to love setting up a doctor’s office in my room complete with patient files and business cards. I think I liked the organizing better than the pretending to be a doctor part – no wonder I ended up finding a passion in planning, details and logistics!