Customarily the American bride is the only one adorned in white … but as fashion has it this is no longer the case! An all-white wedding is today’s blossoming trend and makes the prettiest palette. The soft and innocent hues of white can be splashed about or can cover every facet of your special day. From the gratitudes (favors) to the flowers, to the linens and the cake, even your bridesmaids can be dressed in all white. White creates a clean, simple, and very chic look – and don’t forget it comes in many subtle hues.

Use shades of white such as old lace, vanilla, isabelline and beige to create a shabby chic vintage look or use shades such as eggshell, pearl, and magnolia to create a crisp modern look.

Play with accents such as ribbons, feathers, pearls and jewels, even props such as birds, white branches, balloons and vases full of random objects such as buttons or candies. When it comes to white your options really are endless…

~ Megan