Cozy, custom and color … décor for 2012 is changing! While communal dining at feasting tables has become just as popular as traditional round table seating, couples are now opting to personalize the dinner setting by mixing chair styles and fabrics. Wingback chairs, banquettes and benches are on every event planner’s wish list; however, the change up doesn’t stop there. Brides want glassware to reflect their personalities too. Amidst all this non-matching eclectic style, the Hollywood Regency style is emerging as this year’s top décor trend. This blend of vintage and modern styles is just what brides want to bring glamour, intimacy and splash of color to their weddings.

From our “out of the box” ideas, our top choice was the reception swing! What a unique way to keep guests entertained and in the swing of having fun!
~Katie C

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