Wondering what weddings in 2012 will look like? Our team has been attending events, workshops and gatherings with colleagues and vendors to gather up the latest scoop on trends and fresh ideas for weddings this year. They’ll all be reporting on twelve of top trends of 2012 over the next 12 days! To set the stage…think fairytale weddings with a traditional modern twist. The weddings of 2011 will have a lasting impact and have set a precedent for higher expectations in 2012. But first, let’s see how three girls, Kate, Kim and Lauren have set the tone for 2012.

Kate & Williams’ royal wedding set a new trend for demure style and classic elegance. Long sleeves and lace are gracing gowns this year but with a twist of subtle sexiness. Just like Kate, right? Her Grace Kelly –like presence will be a welcome change, even though regal, her style is relatable to all of us and you’ll be sure to see this reflected in many brides this year.

Safe to say we are all over the K2 experience, but their luxurious, Hollywood glam look will last longer than the union! They’ve set the trend for over the top elegance. Their black and white wedding, complete with three customized Vera Wang gowns signifies that bling is the new thing and that black is coming back as an accent color in décor.

With future father-in-law Ralph Lauren in your corner, we couldn’t wait to see what Lauren Bush would be wearing at her wedding. She didn’t disappoint … her custom Victorian inspired gown made from featherweight tulle hand embroidered with crystals and pearls was exquisite. Her fairytale wedding was a refreshing about face from the other big weddings in 2011. The romantic western-styled wedding in the mountains of Colorado was a Rocky Mountain high showing that outdoor weddings can be classic, lavish, green and rustic.

So there you have it…this year’s bride will be modern with a classic twist! Stay tuned for the next 12 days as we post on the hottest trends. A hint for the next post . . . bewitching bling!


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