Is your Maid of Honor your Day-of Coordinator?

Recently, I was in my best friend’s wedding. To say I was excited was an understatement. As a wedding coordinator, I was ready to step in and help tackle every aspect of her big day and ensure all the details were covered. I really had a lot of fun wearing two hats the day of the wedding (figuratively, not literally of course). At the rehearsal, when I wasn’t walking down the aisle, I was giving instructions to the bridal party (where to pause, where to stand). When I wasn’t in a photo, I was making sure the other bridesmaids and family members were drinking water and had breakfast that morning, to name a few. After I touched up my make-up before the ceremony, I was checking in with the caterer and confirming how we would release tables for the buffet. That is just my personality and I was going to be there to make my bestie’s day the best it could be.

But then I started thinking what about brides without planner best friends? And I realized how many bridal parties are helping out with no experience, but just because they love the bride?

LADIES – don’t do this to your best friends. If they aren’t a planner, don’t rely on them to be your coordinator. It can be really stressful for someone that doesn’t do it on a regular basis. Don’t put that pressure on them! HIRE SOMEONE. A day-of coordinator will take care of you, your family, your bridal party and all the details – that’s what they do! Let them take that stress of your family and bridal party. If your friends aren’t professionals, don’t expect them to be! Share this day with them as you relax and enjoy these ladies.