1Sweet Sonoran Sensations Sugar & Salt Scrub Station

Enjoy the experience of making a personalize scrub from fresh and natural indigenous ingredients.  Select your ingredients from the luscious looking spa bar. Tailor to your desires and needs from relaxing Lavender buds to calming Chamomile or Calendula flowers all while stimulating your skin and senses with anti-aging sugars and moisturizing oils.

  • Learn the importance of each ingredient and how they can aid in many ways.
  • Take home a personalize 4oz tub of your personalize sugar or salt scrub.
  • Learn the techniques to make at home.


Southwestern Spice of Life Spice Station

Savor your senses and dive into the world of artesian spices used by discerning chefs and home cooks alike.  A delectable, southwestern motif spice bar will display a variety of spices to select from. Your spice “mixologist” will guide you through the uses of the various spices and herbs.

  • Create your original blend inspired by the southwest region using local spices or follow a provided recipe for the most popular and classic combination or hot, spicy, salty or herb mix.
  • Mix your own ingredients to your desired taste and you can bag it up.
  • Take it home for more than one use.

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