Monique & Carlos


Monique and Carlos were one of the most stress-free couples on their March wedding day. Their dream day and vision came to life as they were surrounded by family and friends full of love and joy. After all the planning that the family did, our Kate & Company team managed the final coordination and day-of logistics creating a (worry-free) day of enjoyment and fun filled memories for all.

Location: SoHo63
Photography: Genevieve Hansen Photography
Florals: Lena’s Flowers
DJ: Ray Mar Productions 
Cake: Piece of Cake
Videography: Royal Escape Productions
Catering: Lena’s Catering
LinenSouthwick Linens
Bar Services: Couple of Bartenders
Coordination: Kate & Company

Explore the Honeymoon Diet


When it comes to the edible luxuries you will be enjoying on your honeymoon, each dining experience should be better than the next. Professional, culinary experts are what sets certain honeymoon all-inclusive dining options apart from all the rest.

Each Sandal’s all-inclusive resort has their own Culinary Concierge, who will easily blow you away. With special, one-on-one treatment for all dietary needs, this service is a step above to ensure a time you will always remember. All special requests are always handled with care, with the choice to even request new or different dishes, to suit your dietary restrictions or lifestyle. While there are multiple Caribbean and Jamaican options, Sandal’s prides themselves with hiring international chefs for each restaurant concept.

Thinking about cruising around the Caribbean or Mexico instead? The esteemed chefs who make up Carnival Cruise lines culinary team, are specially trained to accommodate every special dietary need. They know and understand the importance of getting your requests right. These services are included in the all-inclusive lifestyle of the Carnival Cruise fleet.

A honeymoon is going to be a dream of a lifetime. Making sure the meals suit desired dietary needs is always a challenging task. Customizable amenities and meals have always added the extra special touch to an already fantastic honeymoon experience. Enjoy a stress-free, pampering experience that allows relaxation and comfort beyond imagination! Perfect for a Meat-Eater, Vegetarian, Vegan or other special dietary needs, Sandal’s and Carnival always strive for exceptional service. Don’t be afraid to ask!

When you are ready to start planning your honeymoon, the knowledgeable team of Kate & Company awaits your call at 480-403-4611. Learn more about all the wonderful choices, and design a custom honeymoon that caters to all of your expectations and dietary desires! Au revoir!

– Allison, Wedding Consultant, April 25th, 2017



Carmen & Michael


Carmen and Michael’s wedding in September 2015 was absolutely unforgettable. Not only were these two the SWEETEST people to work with, we loved how their personalities shined on their big day. This pink & orange, San Francisco, baseball themed weddings stole our heart! From their first-look dance surrounded by family and friends (he was blindfolded as they danced and she took off the blindfold when it was time to finally see her in her dress!) to their grand exit on a trolley this wedding was filled with fun, unique touches. We loved the baseball decor, selfie after they said ‘I Do!’, gelato for dessert, silhouettes of their pets on the cake, and fun, personal photo booth props. These two were smiling and so in love the entire planning process – we can’t look at these pictures without smiling too!

Location: SoHo63
Photography: I Do Photography
Florals: J. Barry Designs
DJ: Desert House Productions
Cake: Piece of Cake
Videography: Something New Media
Furniture Rental: Classic Party Rental
Photobooth: Snapbooth
Gelato: Frost Gelato
Catering: Atlasta Catering
Linen: Southwick Linens
Bar Services: Couple of Bartenders
Décor and Coordination: Kate & Company

Paper & Clocks Anniversary Party


We were so honored to design a table for Warehouse 215’s Paper & Clocks Anniversary Party! This event was so much fun to attend and plan for! We wanted to breakdown our design and share all the fun details with you.

Our design was inspired by a steampunk Wizard of Oz. Gold, touches of emerald, the hour glass, and a nod to literature.

The center of our table featured an hourglass on top of an antique scale surrounded by paper flowers. The paper flowers were created by our personal planner, Desirae. Our place settings included a gold charger featuring a clock face or gear (created by our personal planner, Katie), a clear glass plate, a book menu card holder (created by Kate herself) and a custom designed menu by Desirae. The stunning gold flatware and glassware were provided by Tremaine Ranch and our chocolate brown lamour linen and ivory napkins were provided by Southwick Linens. The napkins featured various napkin rings including watches and glasses. While many of the pieces were handcrafted by our team or came from our own collections (hour glass, antique scale, watches, etc.), we also had some great vendor partners – A huge ‘Thank You’ to Tremaine Ranch and Southwick Linens!

We can’t wait for another great year at Warehouse 215!

From the Desk of Desirae: Honeymoon Planning


As a couple, my fiancé and I decided we wanted to have a super relaxing honeymoon. Nothing sounded better than sitting on the beach, drink in hand, with my HUSBAND by my side! I will be completely honest – I did not plan our honeymoon. Here’s why –

We wanted all aspects of our honeymoon to be relaxing so when we went to book our all-inclusive honeymoon at Sandals Negril we went through Kate & Company. Kate is a complete destination guru! My fiancé and I narrowed down that we wanted to go to Jamaica and Kate gave us all of our options. From there we looked at pictures and all the information and decided which resort we wanted to go to, we told Kate where and when we wanted to go and it was booked!

Just wait – it gets better! Kate even booked our airfare! We didn’t need to find time to sit and find the best flight and figure out connections or what the best way to do this was – it was just done. And Sandals will pick us up from the airport!

Here is a breakdown of everything we did to plan our honeymoon:

  1. Decided on a resort company and a county
  2. Picked a resort based on Kate’s suggestions
  3. Gave the dates we wanted to go and preferred flight times
  4. Picked tours and activities
  5. Got our passports
  6. Now we just needed to pack!

It was seriously that easy. I won’t lie, we did spend a lot of time researching which resort we wanted to go to and spent time drooling over all the menu options – but that’s the fun stuff, right? Kate took care of all the details for us and made sure we are set to go.

Even if I wasn’t a Kate & Company planner, I would recommend honeymoon planning to every bride! This is a small thing, but it really does let you focus on the fun and takes a few things off your pre-wedding to-do list.

From the Desk of Desirae: Vendor Dream Team


When planning a wedding, the first thing I always suggest is to pick your venue and dress, select the rest of your vendors and then work on the fun details! So once you have your dream venue, what next?

Many venues will have vendors you are required to use, and if so, great! If not, ask them about who they’ve worked with – a vendor that already knows the space could be a huge advantage!

As I plan, I’ve found myself in a different situation: my venue isn’t a typical wedding venue. This is good because I’m looking forward to designing and planning something really unique, but I also have very little to reference (i.e. preferred vendors, layouts, how weddings flow there). Plus, I decided to bring most of my vendors up from Phoenix to Flagstaff. While there are many good choices in Flagstaff, I had to go with my favorites from the valley!

The most important thing when selecting vendors is to make sure you have a good team and you get along with them. Remember, some of these people are going to be with you all day long! If you don’t think you could be best friends with your florist, or cake designer though, that’s okay! They will be dropping off and leaving for the most part on wedding day. However, your photographer, DJ, and videographer should be people you enjoy spending time with and whose personalities match yours and the feel of your wedding.

When you hire a vendor, you aren’t just hiring a DJ, photographer, videographer, caterer, etc. You are putting together a team – so think smart and go plan your dream team!

From the Desk of Desirae: Picking Your Venue


Choosing your venue is one of the first big decisions you will make while planning your wedding. For this post I’m going to share my experience and the top tips I give when looking for a venue.

My fiancé and I decided to get married in our hometown of Flagstaff, AZ – it made sense after all, that’s where we grew up and met. However, finding a venue was more difficult than I had hoped it would be. When we were first looking we had some specific criteria: we wanted it to be outside, with a weather back-up, and we didn’t want it to be too far from hotels. This seemed like it would be easy! But then things got a little more difficult.

The first venue was too small and too far from town.

The second venue couldn’t provide an outside space.

The third venue was too… rustic.

Five venues later, we found what we thought would be THE PERFECT VENUE. We were so excited and planned a weekend to go up and see it – we were ready to sign a contract! When we met with the sales woman of the brand new venue, not only did she seem less than thrilled to be giving us a tour, she didn’t seem to want to answer our questions. The venue was offering an “All-Inclusive” package that included the ceremony space, tented reception, food, décor, flowers, and linens. Throughout our conversation a few red flags popped up: 1. She wouldn’t give us a discount if we weren’t using the ceremony space. 2. We couldn’t bring in outside florals (That’s not a real rule anywhere else!). 3. She wouldn’t say where she rented the tent or the linens. And 4. She wouldn’t break down the All-Inclusive cost. Needless to say, I was UNHAPPY.

In the end it worked out, we re-thought our plans and are ending up with a venue that is perfect for us, even though it is nowhere near what we thought we wanted!

Here are my top tips:

  1. Ask a lot of questions. If your sales person is withholding information, that is a huge red flag. Why won’t they tell you? What else aren’t they telling you? Any great venue should be willing to answer all of your questions.
  2. You should get a warm-fuzzy feeling from your venue staff. They will be a big part of your day – they should be excited for you!
  3. Look at the bathrooms. I know this sounds silly, but a gross bathroom can ruin a guest’s experience.
  4. Shop Around. Even if you have a venue you love, look at a few others to compare what others are offering and how the price compares.
  5. Ask about catering. Do you have to use their in-house caterer? If so, see if you can do a tasting before you sign the venue contract. After all, wouldn’t you taste the caterer’s food before signing a contract with them directly?
  6. Ask about timing. How long do you have the space? Are you the only event in the space? When can you get there to set up?
  7. What’s included? Are tables, chairs, and linens provided? Do they provide staffing to help with the wedding or will they just have someone onsite (remember, that may mean they sit in their office all night)?
  8. What if the wedding lasts longer than expected? Does that impact pricing?
  9. Is there a limit to how late you can play music?
  10. Are bar services provided in-house? Ask about drink packages vs. drinks on consumption. The packages are usually much more affordable and in the case of some venues you can bring in your own liquor which can be very favorable!

Don’t be overwhelmed and don’t feel like you are asking too many questions – these are important things for you to know. You should love your venue!

Happy venue hunting!