October proved to be a very beautiful month in luck, weather and smiles. Strolling the grounds of the lovely JW Marriott Las Vegas in Summerlin, NV simply puts you in the mindset that Vegas doesn’t have to be all about bright lights and casino craziness. Flowing grass, gurgling fountains and water throughout the property most certainly set a tone of tranquility and peacefulness – just a lovely spot for a fall wedding. We spent a fun filled October weekend in Vegas with our bride, Stacie and groom, James.

Oh, did I mention this was the weekend with the once in a lifetime date of 10/10/10? First key to the success of this lovely wedding was flexibility and we certainly worked some magic to book this very special affair with a two month lead time. Our bride wanted a wedding at 10 a.m., so our luck continued, everything we wanted was available in the morning. A note to future Vegas-brides … out of state weddings require a license. A  visit to the court house on the Thursday prior (10/7/10) was brilliant as the couple avoided long queues, stanchions and the crowds of the weekend. This desert destination was a convenient gathering spot for the wedding party and their guests with ample flights and an infrastructure to provide anything and everything with in a short few minute drive.
The setting was the quaint “Lodge” with a glorious expanse of grassy knolls and waterfalls nearby. The beautiful bride selected her two nieces to be the flower girls and they were as cute as buttons wearing fashionable tutus of toile. Her colors were bullet and blush and this was accentuated in everything from the flowers and the bridal party dresses to the Chuck Taylor Converse monogrammed sneakers the groomsmen donned.

To commemorate the day, personal notes and polaroid photos from each attending guest were clipped to the wish tree branches.
This intimate Vegas wedding was just what James and Stacie had hoped for… a memory making event filled with love, luck and Las Vegas luxe…

~ Kate     

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